The Facilities Department is service-oriented and committed to providing safe and functional learning environments for our faculty and students. We strive to provide the finest learning environment possible in order to help the District meet the goal of educating the children of Highlands County. The office staff provides support for the Facilities Department’s tradesmen. Full advantage is taken of the tradesmen’s skills to remedy problems associated with building systems and equipment. Our perpetual goal is to provide the quantity and quality of maintenance service safely, on time, and at a reasonable cost to the District. 

Director, Building Code Administrator and UBCI - Frank Brown    863-471-5645

Manager Maintenance - Sean Szoka 863-471-5644

Manager Maintenance - Shawn Stamps    863-471-5647

Manager Costruction and Building Inspection - Richard Bosley 863-471-5442 xt 10338 

Support Staff

Linette Alvarado- Clerk

Lindy Lehman - Clerk




General Maintenance