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Complete School Board of Highlands County policies are located at Link to MIS Board Policies. The following are excerpts from policies dealing with staff use of technology and SBHC devices. Staff are responsible for reading and adhering to the full policies contained in the online policy manual.

po7540 - TECHNOLOGY - Staff must comply with Policy 7544, Policy 7540.04, and Policy 7530.02 when using District technology resources to access and/or use District-approved social media platforms/sites.

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po7540.01 - TECHNOLOGY PRIVACY - The School Board recognizes its staff members' right to privacy in their personal lives. This policy serves to inform staff members of the Board’s position with respect to staff member privacy in the educational and workplace setting and to protect the Board’s interests.

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po7540.02 - WEB CONTENT, APPS, AND SERVICES - The School Board authorizes staff members and students to create content, apps, and services (see Bylaw 0100, Definitions) that will be hosted by the Board on its servers or District-affiliated servers and/or published on the Internet.

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po7540.04 - STAFF TECHNOLOGY ACCEPTABLE USE AND SAFETY - Technology has fundamentally altered the ways in which information is accessed, communicated, and transferred in society. The School Board provides technology and information resources (as defined by Bylaw 0100) to support the educational and professional needs of its staff and students. The Board provides staff with access to the Internet for limited educational purposes only and utilizes online educational services/apps to enhance the instruction delivered to its students and to facilitate the staff's work. The District's computer network and Internet system do not serve as a public access service or a public forum and the Board imposes reasonable restrictions on its use consistent with its limited educational purpose.

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po7540.05 - DISTRICT-ISSUED STAFF E-MAIL ACCOUNT - The School Board is committed to the effective use of electronic mail ("e-mail") by all District staff and Board members in the conduct of their official duties. This policy and any corresponding procedures are intended to establish a framework for the proper use of e-mail for conducting official business and communicating with colleagues, students, parents, and community members. The District complies with all Federal and State laws pertaining to electronic mail. State and Federal law exempts certain documents and information within documents from disclosure, no matter what their form. Before electronic mail is released pursuant to a public records request, all exempt information in it must be redacted.

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po7542 - ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES FROM PERSONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICES - District School Board members, employees, students, parents and visitors, as well as contractors, vendors, and/or agents of the District may use their personal communication devices to wirelessly access the District's technology resources (guest or business networks, servers, printers, smart boards, etc.) while they are on-site at any District facility. For purposes of this policy, a "personal communication device" (PCD) includes computers, tablets, (i.e. iPad-like devices), electronic readers or e-readers (i.e. Kindle-like devices), cell phones, smartphones, smart watches, and/or other web-enabled devices of any type. Access to the business/guest network shall require authentication. Access to these standards for connecting to the District's technology resources using a personal communication device of any type may be provided upon request for all to whom this policy applies.

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po7543 - UTILIZATION OF THE DISTRICT'S WEBSITE AND REMOTE ACCESS TO THE DISTRICT'S NETWORK - The Board encourages employees, parents, students, and community members to check the District's website regularly for changes to these resources and for the addition of other resources.

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po7544 - USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA - The School Board authorizes the use of social media to promote community involvement and facilitate effective communication with students, parents/guardians, staff (including District-approved volunteers), and the general public. Staff (including District-approved volunteers) may, with prior approval/authorization from the Principal and/or Superintendent, use social media platforms/sites for classroom instruction or school-sponsored activities. When a staff member uses a District-approved social media platform/site for an educational purpose, it will be considered an educational activity and will not be considered a limited public forum. Proper archiving as needed by law must be followed.

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po7530.02 - STAFF AND SCHOOL OFFICIALS USE OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES - Use of wireless communication devices ("WCD") (as defined in Bylaw 0100) has become pervasive in the workplace. Whether the WCD is Board-owned and assigned to a specific employee or school official or personally-owned by the employee or school official (regardless of whether the Board pays the employee an allowance for his/her use of the device, the Board reimburses the employee or school official on a per use basis for their business-related use of his/her WCD, or the employee or school official receives no remuneration for his/her use of a personally-owned WCD, the employee or school official is responsible for using the device in a safe and appropriate manner and in accordance with this policy and its accompanying procedure, as well as other pertinent Board policies and procedures.

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