Reopening Highlands County Schools

This website is designed to inform Highlands County parents and school district employees of the plans for reopening our school campuses in August. We have received a clear message that parents want options for their children, and we have worked diligently to create options that we believe offer instructional models that meet the needs of our Highlands County students.

On this Reopening Schools website, we describe the three options for returning to school in the fall.

After you have explored the three options, please go to the Select an Option button to choose the option that best meets your student’s needs. To help us plan appropriately, we need you to make your selection by July 10.

Your prompt reply will assist us in making final plans for fall and help ensure that together, we are all ready for the 2020-2021 school year.

Face to Face - Traditional

Students return to campus and classrooms and follow a traditional school day schedule with face-to-face instruction from teachers. Across campus enhanced safety and health precautions are put in place throughout the day. Open to all grade levels.

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Remote Online Learning

Students in elementary and middle school receive virtual instruction from a school-based Highlands County teacher. This model resembles a typical school day with class periods beginning and ending at assigned times. Open to elementary and middle school.

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Highlands Virtual School

Students are enrolled full time in virtual courses through Highlands Virtual School and instructed by highly qualified Highlands County teachers. Flexibility allows course work to be completed at the students’ own pace in a schedule that meets family needs. Open to all grade levels.

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We have prepared a list of questions and answers based on your feedback. We have also provided a more detailed look at our three options and a list of actions you can take to promote a healthy learning environment.

All learning options are available.

The intent to return survey has closed but all learning options are available. Please contact your school for more information.

La intención de devolver la encuesta se ha cerrado, pero todas las opciones de aprendizaje están disponibles. Por favor contacte a su escuela para más información.